Re: gtkim in gtk+2.0

Hidetoshi Tajima <hidetoshi tajima eng sun com> writes:

> Hello,
> How's the current status of input methods support in GTK+2.0?

Not all that much work has been done since I wrote:
> Specifically, I'd like to know On-the-spot input style support for
> pango-integration and loadable backend modules to make pluggable
> implementation of input methods - XIM or others.

The new-im branch has on-the-spot input methods, loadable
backend modules, and switching modules on the fly.

One of the backends I have is XIM, though becaues of limitations
in Xlib, you are limited to a single XIM input method.
> How about locale independent input methods? Is anybody working on it?

I'm not sure what you mean by a locale indepenent input method.

The default input method handles compose key sequences with a built
in compose table that handles a pretty wide range of languages;
that and the supplied sample cyrillic transliteration input method
work whatever the current locale.

What you might be asking about is a table-driven IM which reads
tables from disk. The only stumbling block to do doing that currently
is that the module system expects that each module statically
implements some number of input methods; there is no way for
a module to list its availanle input methods at run time.
(This also is a problem for other things, such as writing an
 IIIMF input module)


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