Re: Bidirectional Bugs in hebrew

Hello Uri,
The problem is not due to Pango.

I see it also in the FriBidi package (version 0.1.14) when it works with
my own software.

I am not sure of this, but it seems to be according to the Unicode
bidirectionality algorithm.

The rationale behind the algorithm:  to make it possible to type negative
numbers in "natural" order.  If it were not for this "problem", it would
have been awkward to type negative numbers in bidirectional text.

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Uri David Akavia wrote:

> My version: The downloadable one (0.12)
> Problem: when writing in hebrew (and RTL direction) a letter and then "-"
> and a number, I should receive the right image (right.gif attached).
> Instead I get wrong.gif (attached).
> My hypothesis for the problem: when pressing "-" Pango returns to english,
> and then it is logical to write "-8". However, in cases like this the
> layout should stay in hebrew until I type space or something.

                                             --- Omer

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