Re: Thai/Devanagari in GNOME Terminal

Hi Robert,

] > Then, let's see
] > this sample.
] > 	C1 -- U+0E01
] > 	V1 -- U+0E34
] > 	V2 -- U+0E48
] > 	
] > 	Seq 1:   C1 + V1 + V2 ---> V1 and V2 are displayed as zero width
] > 	Seq 2:   C1 + V2 + V1 ---> V2 is displayed as zero width
] > 				   but V1 is displayed as non-zero width
] So, this will be for 1: (please forgive the poor ascii art)
]       |                    |
]      ___                         ___
]     /___\   and for 2:          /___\
]     /---\                /---\
]     >   |                >   |
]     |   |                |   |
]     |   |                |   |
] Is this really what is wanted?
I will say "yes" from my opinion as one of Thai people with a couple reasons
(will say about them later).

] If so
]   a) the Thai user I just consulted disagrees, saying that (2) and (1) 
]      should be rendered the same, but that (1) is preferred.
As Thai user's point of view again, here is the reason why the display
for these 2 different sequences should be diffirent.

   It tells me that the logical sequences of Thai characters in my Thai
   document files are different. The seq (1) is correct sequence and
   the seq (2) isn't correct. I know that something is not correct in
   my document.
   Also, if I want to sort these document, I would know that these 2
   sequences are not the same. The order is different. 
   Also, if I want to use the find-replace function, to find where the
   incorrect Thai spelling/sequence, the display can tell me what the
   incorrect sequence.
   This is the big step to make further work easier (at least for Thai).

]   b) I have a strong suspision that these sequences are canonically 
]      equivilant, but would need to check.
The concept of canonically equivalant in unicode is ok for me.
As long as it doesn't make the confusion of using it with Thai script
where I think different sequences for this sample should be shown

]   c) If you want a nonspacing character to space, put it after a space.
This's not just only about putting space in front of non-spacing character
but it's about different composing Thai character sequences should be displayed
differently to avoid confusing users for other purposes, like sorting/searching

This idea isn't from me. It's from Thai Wtt2.0 standard specification
which was sponsored by NECTEC long time ago. It's done by a lot of
professional/experience persons both from technical engineers and
linguistic persons.

Chookij V.

] -- 
] Robert

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