Re: Looking for info on developing pango shapers for indian languages

On Sun, 15 Oct 2000, Prabhat Hegde wrote:

> 	I'd like to add sanskrit(ancient indian language), kannada and 
> 	telugu (indic scripts) shapers for pango. I'd also like to test 
> 	pango's hindi support using some freely available hindi fonts. 

I'm the author of the Devanagari renderer - please look at
<>, for the status of some other
renderers... (and some fonts for the new Devanagari renderer)

For the scripts you mention -

  sanskrit: Currently, pango doesn't pass language info to the renderer.
            So there is really no way of doing this seperately from the
            general Devanagari renderer. This needs fixing in any case...

   kannada: I started making a font and doing some experiments, but
            only just started the renderer... (and this is some time

    telugu: not started         

> 	Before i start off, could someone on the list point me to any
> 	documentation on adding shapers if it exists?

I found the best documentation is the source.  The Thai renderer (and my
renderers, I would hope) serve as a decent example. :)

I speak for myself, not my employer

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