Re: Editing and formatting characters

Pablo Saratxaga wrote:

> There would be a mode to show all formatting codes, in invisible mode it
> must be invisible.
> Think as it the same way as using bold, italics, font family, size, etc
> in a word processor. Do you think users of word processors would like to have
> visible tags for each of such things? the cursor changing its shape, or having
> to press the arrow keys several times etc?

I think it is a good observation to say that this is very similar to using
bold/italic/font in a word processor. I experinece is that word
processors that supported this kind of feature have:

    buttons to select / de-select these attributes

    a "show formating / invisible characters" option

In the cases where these features were missing I always ended up seeing
the formating characters; eg: no formatting buttons implied show formating

With out "formatting buttons" or "show invisible characters", how will the
user be able to understand and control these invisible characters?



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