Re: Pango arabic engine

Hi Karl,

I would like to ask a couple things about arabic script in the engine.
I took a quick look and I'm trying to understand more about the logic
in this engine.

Just in case if you can tell me for this questions.

For the case of more than 2 arabic vowels in the consecutive sequences,
what would the second arabic vowel be supposed to display ?


	U+0639 <--- arabic consonance
	U+064B <--- arabic vowel

  logical input:  U+0639    + U+0639    + U+064B     + U+064B      + U+0639
		   (cons)     (cons)      (vowel)      (vowel)       (cons)
  visual output: InitialForm  MiddleForm  combined     ??????        FinalForm

I know that the second vowel, U+064B, is causing the invalid/in-correct spelling
of arabic words and I know that most of arabic MS window would just display
it as overwrapp on top of previous vowel. Not quite sure if you are doing
the same in arabic engine.

I have one comment as the non-arabic person to share with and, please feel free
to share with me the opinion.

Here is my visual display for this sample.

  logical input:  U+0639    + U+0639    + U+064B     + U+064B      + U+0639
		   (cons)     (cons)      (vowel)      (vowel)       (cons)

  visual output: InitialForm  FinalForm  combined    SpacingForm    IsolateForm
                              ^^^^^^^^^              ^^^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^
The idea is that, for those invalid sequences, those arabic vowels will be
displayed as spacing form. The previous arabic consonance will be FinalForm
because those invalid sequences break the stream. The next arabic consonance
will be either IsolatedForm or InitialForm depending on the following arabic

I believe that this idea doesn't break any concept of arabic script and,
may be, it might be helpful. Please feel free to give me the comment.

Thanks and regards,

Chookij V.

] Hi ,
] I updated and bug-fixed the arabic shaper once again;
] it can be found at 
] Compared to CVS I did some re-arrangement; I think it
] is simpler now.
] The other issue is the fixed persian yeh ( many thanks
] again to the xterm-team ! ).
] I do hope it does not break ( I could not break it, 
] but that need not meen anything ), it would be nice
] if someone would check it in for me .
] thank you, 
] 		Karl
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