Re: Clustering rules (was Re: Adding tis620.2533-0...)

	hi robert,
>On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Prabhat Hegde wrote:
>> 	i believe there is a standard called ISFOC developed by
>> 	CDAC which is the most commonly used glyph encoding
>> 	from document publishers downward. I am trying to get
>> 	in touch with the CDAC folks to have open access to 
>> 	these standards.
>That would be great. In my view, it doesn't count as a standard unless it
>is freely redistributable.
	absolutely! and that is what i will be telling the CDAC folks who are
	in touch with me.
	BTW, i came to know of this 'standard' when i found many indian language
	newspapers promimently displaying "ISFOC Font' on their web-pages.
	if interested also look up and look up ISFOC.

>> 	having said that, i still think we will need rules on
>> 	a per-font basis.
>Robert Brady
>robert suse co uk
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