Re: Steps in porting standard gtk program to pango-gtk .. writes:

> I was trying to port a working gtk program to pango-gtk but am
> facing problem in displaying UTF8 char sequences.  Does data to
> gdk_fontset_load(xlfd_font) need some extra messaging ? I have a
> CLists made from gchar * (containing UTF8 sequence) which are not
> rendered onto the window properly. The ASCII portions are rendered
> well but not the multibyte portions. The some file is rendered
> properly using ./pango-viewer or ./testtext .

CList is not converted to pango, sorry.

[ Feel free to look into this ;-) ]

Basically, for pango-gtk, to display a string, you create a pango
layout using gtk_widget_create_pango_layout(), set the text it the
layout using pango_layout_set_text(), and then render the layout
using gdk_draw_layout().


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