ANNOUNCE: fribidi-0.1.12

I have relased a new version 0.1.12 of fribidi with the following 
major changes:

     * Applied a speed patch by Owen Taylor that makes fribidi almost
       4 times faster.

     * Updated the algorithm according to the latest Unicode specification.
       (Still no explicit overrides though).

     * Added support for the LRM and RLM characters for the iso-8859-8 
       converts at unused positions 0xFE and 0xFF . 

Here's the blurb in case someone missed it:

FriBidi is a free BiDi library that should adher closely to the Unicode 
BiDi algorithm.

FriBidi is written in C and should provide a common API that will 
facilitate porting of various software to support BiDirection 

FriBidi may be found at:

Here is an example of what the library can do, where capital letters
are treated as having Right-To-Left direction.

car is THE CAR in arabic            => car is RAC EHT in arabic           
CAR IS the car IN ENGLISH           =>           HSILGNE NI the car SI RAC
he said "IT IS 123, 456, OK"        => he said "KO ,456 ,123 SI TI"       
he said "IT IS (123, 456), OK"      => he said "KO ,(456 ,123) SI TI"     
he said "IT IS 123,456, OK"         => he said "KO ,123,456 SI TI"        
he said "IT IS (123,456), OK"       => he said "KO ,(123,456) SI TI"      
HE SAID "it is 123, 456, ok"        =>        "it is 123, 456, ok" DIAS EH
<H123>shalom</H123>                 =>                 <123H/>shalom<123H>
<h123>SAALAM</h123>                 => <h123>MALAAS</h123>                
HE SAID "it is a car!" AND RAN      =>      NAR DNA "!it is a car" DIAS EH
HE SAID "it is a car!x" AND RAN     =>     NAR DNA "it is a car!x" DIAS EH
-2 CELSIUS IS COLD                  =>                  DLOC SI SUISLEC -2
SOLVE 1*5 1-5 1/5 1+5               =>               1+5 1/5 1-5 5*1 EVLOS
THE RANGE IS 2.5..5                 =>                 5..2.5 SI EGNAR EHT

                                                        ___   ___
                                                      /  o  \   o \
Dov Grobgeld                                         ( o  o  ) o   |
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel             \  o  /o  o /
"Where the tree of wisdom carries oranges"              | |   | |
                                                       _| |_ _| |_

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