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On 6/12/00, 3:13:16 PM, Karl Koehler 
<> wrote regarding Pango status, 
arabic support:

> It was asked on this list if it is possible to write arabic
> "under gnome". If one is willing to compile gtk+ with pango-support,
> it will work.
> I have not gotten any feed-back of the sort
>   "the shaper produces something strange in situation X",
> so I might assume it is more-than-less ok :)

 Ok, I am ready for testing, but not for compiling. Does one really 
need to recompile gtk+?
 Is it possible to get one big fat statically linked tar.gz of pango?

 I really want to help with whatever I can, but I need some kind of 
release since I use my home machine for work and can't just simply 
start butchering it.


> best regards,
>               Karl

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