Re: gdk_font_load()

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>I have install Turbo Linux 4.0 Chinese Version. Gedit can display Chinese
>character correctly. So I think it's localization is good. But can not
>display Chinese character when I use gdk_font_load("-*-gb2312.1980-1"). Then
>it can display Chinese character I use
>gdk_fontset_load("-*-iso8859-1,-*-gb2312.1980-1"). Why? Is it's localization

This is correct behavior, I think.

When you use gdk_fontset_load(), text drawing functions (such as
gdk_draw_string) accept EUC-CN coded strings. On the other hand,
strings must be coded in GB2312 if you use gdk_font_load()

Akira Higuchi
Dept. of Mathematics, Hokkaido Univ.
Sapporo, Japan

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