Re: broken pango/modules/basic/

Dear Mr. Taylor,

>I've updated all of the tables to the data from the Unicode-3.0
>CD. (There do not seem to any updates to the mappings on
> I've also taken the opportunity to add
>iso-8859-{10,13,14,15} and koi8-r to the mapping tables.

Could you give us the list of mapping files which you used
to generate tables-big.i etc?


As you noticed in tools/maps/README, the official mapping files
provided by Unicode Org. are NOT freely redistributable -
map files says:

#  Recipient is granted the right to make copies in any form for
#  internal distribution and to freely use the information supplied
#  in the creation of products supporting Unicode.  Unicode, Inc.
#  specifically excludes the right to re-distribute this file directly
#  to third parties or other organizations whether for profit or not.

Now I'm trying to write a Makefile which automatically downloads
the map files from the web server Unicode Org. by executing wget.

But I feel a dissatisfaction - if the table can be generated from
the charmap files of GNU libc 2.1.x, it will be better? Although
it's a bit incorrect attitude to assume as if GNU libc is always
single internal codeset system based on UCS-4 forever, but, at least,
the files in GNU libc are covered by LGPL, and they can be included
in Pango package and redistributable as Pango.


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