Re: broken pango/modules/basic/

KUSANO Takayuki <> writes:

> I've started to playing with GTK+1.3.x and Pango from CVS tree and
> found that current GTK+1.3.x w/Pango can't display Japanese text
> correctly.

Many thanks for noticing / tracking this down. I had noticed that
Japanese was displaying a bit strangely, but because it was
usually substituting CJK glyphs from other charsets, I didn't
realize it was completely broken.
> So I digged into the source codes and found that tables-big.i in
> pango/modules/basic is broken.
>   * Most mapping tables available from have Unicode values
>     in the 2nd column.  But the mapping table for JIS X 0208
>     (
>     has unicode values in the 3rd column.  So, tools/
>     can't get correct unicode values for the JIS X 0208. Attached
>     patch can resolve this problem.

I've applied this to CVS.
>   * Some mapping tables that were used to create tables-big.i in CVS
>     are old. Out-of-dated mappings tables are ISO-8859-6, ISO-8859-7
>     and GB-2312. Especially, old GB-2312 mapping table causes the
>     duplication of ENC_GB_2312 in the last element of
>     'char_mask_map[]'.

I've updated all of the tables to the data from the Unicode-3.0
CD. (There do not seem to any updates to the mappings on I've also taken the opportunity to add
iso-8859-{10,13,14,15} and koi8-r to the mapping tables.


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