Re: Gtk and Xkbd extension?

Hmmm, it basically works for me.

I tried it out 

 cd  /usr/lib/X11/xkb
 xkbcomp -m pl keymap/xfree86 :0
 LC_ALL=pl_PL gnomecal

I get aogonek properly. Same thing with any program that 
uses the default GTK+ fonts and calls gtk_set_locale().
(gnome_init() does this, so any gnome program using the
default fonts works)

gnome-terminal is a little screwy - you have to go and
select a iso-8859-2 font explicitely. Same thing applies
for the GIMP. But once you do that, both work for me.

The root cause of the latter problem is partly that the font
selector doesn't handle fontsets properly ... so you
have to pick your font manually. (Languages that require
rendering with multiple different fonts from a fontset
have worse problems.)


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