Re: Gtk and Xkbd extension?

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Pablo Saratxaga wrote:

> Kaixo!
> On Mon, Nov 01, 1999 at 12:17:14PM +0000, Rafał Kleger-Rudomin wrote:
> > How to force gtk+ to handle xkbd keyboard extension properly?
> What is exactly your problem ?
> Keysyms are locale-dependent; that is in order to use a Polish keyboard
> whihc has latin2 keysysms you need to set the locale to some latin2 one
> (polish locale for exemple), *before* launching X11. (as XKB is handled by
> the X server).

I've got LANG=pl_PL and LC_ALL=pl_PL set in my login shell, so it
should be inherited by all its children - including startx and Xserver
- and it seems it works because all my programs started from WM have it
I've got also 'XkbLayout="pl"' in my system's XF86Config

> If you use xmodmap instead of XKB you also need to set the locale, but
> before calling xmodmap this time.

I use XKB - I removed .Xmodmap file from my home directory, and,
as root, from other locations searched by startx (actually, by xinitrc)
I made sure there is no XkbDisable in my XF86Config too.
> > When I use tricky xmodmap, it works.
> > My LANG=pl_PL
> > xterm works with xkbd
> You aren't very descriptive; please tell us exactly what you type in both
> cases. And which keyboard do yo utry to use (I've seen some wrong polish
> xmodmap keyboard files out there, using latin1 keysyms instead of latin2 ones) 

Yes, I know this modmap, I still keep one for emergency :)

Whats happen:

In xterm (and in all terminal-based apps running on xterm) I can type
polish letters (with right ALT, e.g ALT-a is 'aogonek', 'a' with a small
tail at the bottom).

In xemacs when I type eg. Alt-a I get 'sequence aogonek not known' 
(it has nothing common with gtk of course, it only proves that latin2
xkbd keyboard is used - in wrong latin1 xmodmap you mentioned, there is
'plusminus' sign instead 'aogonek' on Alt-a)

And, finally, when I use xchat or gimp, there is no input on Alt-a.
These applications let me input polish letters when I switch
to broken latin1 xmodmap only!
To be sure if it is gtk problem I compiled some Edit widget example from
gtk tutorial - it has the same problem with input so xchat and gimp have.
My locale generally works because xchat displays latin2 fonts and polish
menus by default.

Xfree86 3.3.5
glibc 2.1.2
kernel 2.2.12

Now I have given exhaustive explanation, I hope :)

Rafal Kleger-Rudomin

ps. Xserver does not recognize locale as you suggested. I made an
experiment: I commented out 'XkbLayout' and started X - and I could not
write in polish no more - even in xterm (I got US setting probably)

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