Re: 8-bit input with GTK

 <>Owen Taylor writes:
>> I've just found that all GTK programs I have (well, GIMP and simple
>> entry test from GTK examples; should be enough) do not enter 8-bit
>> I'm running
>> FreeBSD 3.1-STABLE FreeBSD 3.1-STABLE #5: Sat May 8
>> 09:32:34 MSD 1999
>> i386
>> XFree
>It may depend a bit on the type of 8-bit input you are trying
>to do. If you have LANG set to something other than C,
>than accented iso-8859-1 characters should work find.
>(E.g., LANG=fr_FR ./testgtk)
Setting LANG to ru, ru_RU.KOI8-R (the default setting in FreeBSD; work in all 
other programs) and (surprise, surprise!) C yields 
Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library when running testgtk.


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