Re: 8-bit input with GTK

Alex Povolotsky <> writes:

> Hello!
> I've just found that all GTK programs I have (well, GIMP and simple
> entry test from GTK examples; should be enough) do not enter 8-bit
> characters. All other software on my box (except Tcl/Tk) does it OK.
> What should be patched?
> I'm running
> FreeBSD 3.1-STABLE FreeBSD 3.1-STABLE #5: Sat May 8
> 09:32:34 MSD 1999
> i386
> XFree

It may depend a bit on the type of 8-bit input you are trying
to do. If you have LANG set to something other than C,
than accented iso-8859-1 characters should work find.

(E.g., LANG=fr_FR ./testgtk)

For a language that wants something other than iso-8859-1
(say Russian) GTK+ (well actually X) needs to have a _fontset_ 
instead of a font. This can be done from a RC file.
GTK+ actually comes with a file that should be
used if LANG is set to ru_*, so things should work
out of the box. (You might check $prefix/etc/gtk/ 
to check that the fonts are actually appropriate for your 
system, though GTK+ should spit warnings if they aren't

The GIMP is a bit more tricky since you can't pick a 
fontset for the text tool. I'm not sure what the best
approach would be for getting text that needs a fontset
entered there. For Cyrillic you may have luck selecting
a Cyrillic font then cutting and pasting the text
from another program.


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