Re: UTF-8?

In article <> writes:

>Let me rephrase my question, is there a more or less documented (or reliable)
>way for writing a function that would display the text in UTF-8?

It's possible, but troublesome. The most difficulty is that the fonts
included in X are not compatible to UCS4/Unicode and so you have to
write a conversion function (the conversion tables can be got from Furthermore, the mapping from UCS4 to the codings
of these fonts, is not one-to-one ;-(

Thay say that gtk+ will support UCS4/UTF8 in the next development
cycle, anyway.

>BTW, what exactly is broken: the code that handles the text drawing or the
>locale itself?

The former, perhaps. I have not examined in detail.

Akira Higuchi
Dept. of Mathematics, Hokkaido Univ.
Hokkaido, Japan

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