Re: How do I control the language used by gtk ?

Akira Higuchi wrote:
> Because the stable version of glibc2.0 have no support for Japanese
> locales, you need to install multibyte-enabled version of glibc.
> The following pages may help you:

I already have these on my system. The idea is that gtk works ok with
LANG=ja_JP.ujis when this is set as an environment variable and not when
there is not such a variable but I try to set the locale at runtime with
a setlocale. However, the things are not completly wrong even at that
moment:-). gtk understands that I changed to ja_JP.ujis but screw at
seting correctly the text width and its position.

Aka, using in my program:


is doing only partially the job :-( If you like I can send you some
screenshots and a piece of code to make it more clear.

Nevertheless, somebody (from debian-i18n) pointed my out the solution
for my question:

export LC_TYPE="ja_JP.ujis"
export LC_MESSAGES="C"

This will let me use multibyte capabilty of gtk while forcing the
messages to be in English. Very nice. I will try this with setlocale
also, to see what happens.


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