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Hi doc devs,

I have been experimenting with introspection and gtk-doc. Most things are working very well. The widget functions can be used from python, perl and _javascript_. Very nice. I don't seem to be able to get gtk-doc to output the properties to the html file though. Not sure what I am missing.

This is what I have been working with.

      mkdir doc
      gtkdoc-scan --module=Multi --source-dir=/home/eric/Velo/Misc/MultiGraph --output-dir=/home/eric/Velo/Misc/MultiGraph/doc
      cd ./doc
      mkdir xml
      gtkdoc-mkdb --default-stability=Unstable --module=Multi --source-dir=/home/eric/Velo/Misc/MultiGraph --source-dir=/home/eric/Velo/Misc/MultiGraph/doc --output-dir=/home/eric/Velo/Misc/MultiGraph/doc/xml --output-format=xml --main-sgml-file=Multi-docs.sgml
      gtkdoc-mkhtml Multi Multi-docs.sgml

It does the job and outputs a good looking html file but it doesn't have the properties listed.

The gobject specific details are only generated if you also run gtkdoc-scangobj. For that you need a types file that lists the _get_type functions or let gtkdoc-scan generate one.

Which build system are you using?


Some more details.

Ubuntu16.04, GTK3.18 and Gtk-doc 1.25.
gtkdoc-mkhtml gives the warning
/home/eric/Velo/Misc/MultiGraph/multi_graph.h:29: warning: Field descriptions for struct MultiGraph are missing in source code comment block.

The project is at

Any ideas? I am stuck on this one.

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