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Thanks for your reply, Stefan.

Actually I already started translating the PO and added to and it works: pt_BR is built just like other languages. 

However, the files I get after installing are:


where <lang> is each supported language.

So main issue is: What do I do with index.dobook? How can I get a HTML or PDF so I can test my translations ?

2013/5/31 Stefan Sauer <ensonic hora-obscura de>
On 05/12/2013 05:33 AM, Rafael Ferreira wrote:
Hi there.

I've got a noob question. I'm translating gtk-doc's documentation to pt_BR and I'd like to see how it looks like. However I don't know how I can read the "index.docbook" generated in compilation time, just like I would in the website [1].
As far as I know, you would translate the po file. The gnome-doc utils will produce the other files for you. Edit help/manual/ and add pt_BR to HELP_LINGUAS, then run make, then edit the help/manual/pt_BR/*.po file and run make again.


So, how I can read this file as a normal documentation? If need to convert, what would be the cmd line to convert to html?

Thanks in advance!

Rafael Ferreira

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