Re: --ignore-decorators does not ignore trailing stuff


eNTiDi di Fontana Nicola schrieb:
> Hi all,
> these declarations:
> int cpml_line_get_npoints(void) CPML_GNUC_CONST;
> void cpml_line_offset(CpmlPrimitive *line, double
> offset);
> produce the following output in cpml-decl.txt:
> <NAME>cpml_line_get_npoints</NAME>
> void) CPML_GNUC_CONST;void cpml_line_offset
> (CpmlPrimitive *line,double offset
> also with --ignore-decorators="CPML_GNUC_CONST". I've managed to
> let gtkdoc-scan work by using the attached patch, but my gtkdoc
> and perl knowledge is dangerously close to 0.
> Any hint on resolving this issue with the current gtkdoc will be
> appreciated.
> Ciao

thanks for the patch. It looks good. Could you please use bugzilla
I will try the patch and add a testcase to the testsuite then.


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