ANNOUNCE: gtk-doc 1.10

GTK-Doc 1.10    (Mar 20 2008)


 o 460753 : enable vpath build in gtkdoc-mkhtml
 o 503119 : Add dependency on content_files to SGML target
 o 127049 : building reference documentation fails when builddir != s...
 o 481811 : Inline function bodies are confused with declarations
 o 448879 : Use a footer when generating HTML documentation
 o 492005 : Deprecation guard warnings for properties and signals
 o 498521 : Inconsistent compiler flags passed in gtk-doc.make
 o 365913 : gtk-doc output is not predictable
 o 446648 : gtk-doc does not handle forward typedef'd enums
 o 468278 : Display proper types for properties
 o 497367 : don't use US-ASCII for output encoding
 o 501066 : Missing quotes around gtkdoc-rebase check cause a warning
 o 508897 : [PATCH] Fix build when gtk-doc is not installed
 o 509539 : Building documentation aborts when no .types file is present
 o 512154 : Struct member type attributes are limited to one token
 o 513318 : gtk-doc.el doesn't work fine with emacs22


 Benjamin Otte
 Carlos Garnacho
 Damon Chaplin
 David Nečas
 Frederic Peters
 Joe Marcus Clarke
 Kouhei Sutou
 Loïc Minier
 Mathias Hasselmann
 Petteri Räty
 Rouslan Solomakhin
 Stefan Kost
 Sven Herzberg

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