ANNOUNCE: gtk-doc 1.8


gtk-doc 1.8


gtk-doc is used to document the API of the GTK+ and GNOME libraries. 

GTK-Doc 1.8     (Feb 16 2007)

 o Made it easier to include example code in the source code comment
   blocks. "|[ ... ]|" can be used to delineate example code (it just 
   gets converted to "<informalexample><programlisting>"), and most of 
   the text in example code is left as it is. The only thing that is 
   still expanded is '#' to allow links to a symbol's documentation, 
   e.g. '#GtkWidget'.
 o Made the field widths wider for the HTML output, so it looks a bit 
 o Added a '--rebuild-sections' option to gtkdoc-scan to automatically 
   rebuild the MODULE-sections.txt file. This only works if all the 
   header files are organized neatly and functions don't need 
   rearranging in the docs.
 o Added a '--rebuild-types' option to gtkdoc-scan to automatically 
   rebuild the MODULE.types file, so you don't need to add new types 
 o Leave CDATA sections as they are, in the extra XML content files 
   and within source code comment blocks.
 o Allow the section id and #include's to be set within the "SECTION:" 
   comment block, using "@Section_ID:xxx" and "@Include:".
 o Added "--default-includes" option to specify the default #include's 
   (for people who are using --rebuild-sections and so can't specify it 
   in MODULE-sections.txt).
 o Added a '--query-child-properties' argument to help document child
   properties of arbitrary GObjects (used by things like canvas
 o Fixed documentation of signals of interfaces.



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