Re: [PATCH] <![CDATA[ and ]]> in the description in the source.

On Sun, Oct 29, 2006 at 10:11:22PM +0900, Shiino Yuki wrote:
>     I made a patch which enable gtkdoc-mkdb to parse a pair of
>  <![CDATA[ and ]]> in the description in the source code,
> like bellow:

I agree such a feature would be quite useful, generally
ExpandAbbreviationsExceptCDATA() should be probably used for
everything instead of raw ExpandAbbreviations() (your patch
seems to do this).

> ...
> -    print OUTPUT &ExpandAbbreviationsExceptCDATA($contents);
> +    print OUTPUT &ExpandAbbreviationsExceptCDATAExceptCDATA($contents);
> ...

A bit too careless application of srearch and replace?



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