Re: idea on gobject-introspection / gtk-doc metadata

> Personally I'm not too sure this would be a good idea. I think it is
> asking a bit too much from developers to add all this stuff. So you'd
> probably have to rely on bindings people checking over all the comments.

We'd do that.

> I also worry that the C documentation may contain references to things
> that aren't applicable to language bindings, so you'd have to mark these
> as C-only.

That'd be good.

> Then there may be pieces of documentation that should be
> added for a specific language binding, so you'd have to add them and
> mark them. It might get messier and messier.

That seems less necessary. It's easier for the individual language binding
to add stuff to their version of the documentation.

But in general, this C-specific stuff is about free()ing and allowed null
values. That's generally more obvious in higher-level languages anyway.

> Though if lots of language binding maintainers said it would be really
> useful I might change my mind.
> Maybe a better idea would be for bindings to grab all the gtk-doc
> documentation, and then just override the docs for particular functions
> if they need to.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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