Re: [patch] C99 restrict support

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 16:12, Roger Leigh wrote:
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> Hi folks,
> I've made a patch to add support for the C99 "restrict" keyword.  It's
> here:
> (against version 1.2; I can redo against the current CVS if needed).
> With the patch, gtkdoc-mktmpl and gtkdoc-mkdb now correctly parse C99
> source and generate correct documentation.  However, some functions
> are not correctly parsed.  Since I'm not a gtk-doc expert, could
> anyone tell me if this is due to the patch or a problem with my use of
> gtk-doc in the source tree?
> When the docs are generated, I get this:
> *** Rebuilding template files ***
> cd . && gtkdoc-mktmpl --module=uterm
> WARNING: No declaration for: uterm_code_table_get_start_char
> WARNING: No declaration for: uterm_code_table_get_num_chars
> WARNING: No declaration for: uterm_code_table_get_map_start_char
> WARNING: No declaration for: uterm_code_table_get_map_num_chars
> WARNING: No declaration for: uterm_code_table_map_get_start_char
> WARNING: No declaration for: uterm_code_table_map_get_num_chars
> WARNING: No declaration for: uterm_code_table_map_get_map_start_char

> It's the "WARNING: No declaration for: xxx" messages that worry me
> most (the others are due to the docs being incomplete).  What is
> causing these warnings?

I think you need to fix as well. That does the initial
scanning of the header files.


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