Re: format fof varlistentries

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 13:02, Stefan Kost wrote:
> hi hi,
> I just had a small discussion with Norman Walsh and he gave me some ideas of how
> to improve the rendering of gtk-docs html output.
> Please look at
> and make your browser window really narrow.
> Between the word 'Returns' and the ':' is a colon and the causes the browser to
> break here. Norman sugested to use a nonbreaking space ( ) here or to use a
> css-rule "span.term { white-space: nowrap; }" to achive it.

I've fixed that. It was using a   for all the other parameters
except for 'Returns:'.

> Another thing is that devhelp uses gtkhtml and that seems to ignore that
> varlistterms are top aligned. Any ideas how to fix that. When manually editing
> the html and addign valign="top" to the surrounding td tag it looks good. So the
> question is can we get the docbook stylesheet to do that or can we get gtkhtml
> to support the 'vertical-align: top' css rule. (does gtkhtml understand css at
> all?).

I don't know XSL/CSS enough to fix that easily. I can't even get devhelp
to work.

You could add a bug if you want to.


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