format fof varlistentries

hi hi,

I just had a small discussion with Norman Walsh and he gave me some ideas of how
to improve the rendering of gtk-docs html output.
Please look at
and make your browser window really narrow.
Between the word 'Returns' and the ':' is a colon and the causes the browser to
break here. Norman sugested to use a nonbreaking space ( ) here or to use a
css-rule "span.term { white-space: nowrap; }" to achive it.

Another thing is that devhelp uses gtkhtml and that seems to ignore that
varlistterms are top aligned. Any ideas how to fix that. When manually editing
the html and addign valign="top" to the surrounding td tag it looks good. So the
question is can we get the docbook stylesheet to do that or can we get gtkhtml
to support the 'vertical-align: top' css rule. (does gtkhtml understand css at

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