Re: Doing bit of gtk-doc work

On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 12:13, Stefan Kost wrote:
> Hi Damon,
> I would like to recall the mail I sent on the 29.Sep.2004 that was about
> gtkdoc-fixxref and different install locations.
> As an intermediate solution my now contains lines like
> glib_prefix="`pkg-config --variable=prefix glib-2.0`"
> AC_SUBST(glib-prefix)
> in the for gtk-doc I then do
> FIXXREF_OPTIONS=--extra-dir=$(glib_prefix)/share/gtk-doc/html/glib
> This took me a while to figure. Can we either add this as a HowTo to the docs or
> has anyone an easier way.

We could do several things:

 o Support GNOME2_PATH and/or GTK_DOC_PATH as you suggested.
 o Run pkg-config in gtkdoc-fixref to find basic libs like GLib & GTK+.

I think checking GNOME2_PATH and running pkg-config to find GLib should
be enough. (And these will only be used if all else fails.)



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