Re: Changes to authors.html, part II

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 08:08, Aaron Weber wrote:
> Malcolm, Matthias, thank you for your input!
> I've got what I think is pretty accurate, with the proviso that I'm
> not sure that adding that single line to your will really
> work.

> Anyway, this seems like a reasonable overview of the docs process...
> I'm CC'ing the jeff waugh for his opinion on the commitability of this
> page (and the elisp it links to).

The elisp should be committed to the gtk-doc module (if it is different
from the version already in the module). Then you can link to the
tarball or link to the LXR query page for this file or whatever.

Similarly, rather than just trying to explain what goes in the fragment (which doesn't seem very clear to me), how about
submitting a patch to change what is in the gtk-doc/examples directory
(base it off the libglade version, which is about as simple as it gets).
Then your document can again refer to the file in CVS (or link to the
tarball on


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