Re: Speeding up gtk-doc

> This is a reply to both Matthias and Shaun and a sort of progress
> report.
> I currently have a set of stylesheets which take 1.5 seconds to process
> the GDK documentation on my laptop, this is as opposed to 69 seconds for
> the standard docbook stylesheets. The new stylesheets are not complete
> (as far as handling what gtk-doc produces) but the output is a good
> approximation of the current docbook output and so is probably good for
> speed estimates.

Impressive speedup indeed.
> Extrapolating the current effort suggests that I will have something
> functional in a day or two. While I appreciate that cleaning up docbook
> would be the real way to go it was impractical for me since this has
> essentially been a crash-course in learning XSLT and docbook's
> stylesheets are somewhat impenetrable. I'm going to complete this
> exercise, regardless of the small audience. I'll let you lot decide
> afterwards whether it was worthwhile :).
> I will also document what elements it handles, which will be a lot
> smaller than what even yelp handles. The idea is to support whatever is
> currently used in GNOME CVS.

My greatest concern wouldn't be loosing coverage of some docbook elements,
but rather loosing some of the algorithmic cleverness in Norms stylesheets,
like cross-referencing or indexing.


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