Re: Speeding up gtk-doc

This is a reply to both Matthias and Shaun and a sort of progress

I currently have a set of stylesheets which take 1.5 seconds to process
the GDK documentation on my laptop, this is as opposed to 69 seconds for
the standard docbook stylesheets. The new stylesheets are not complete
(as far as handling what gtk-doc produces) but the output is a good
approximation of the current docbook output and so is probably good for
speed estimates.

Extrapolating the current effort suggests that I will have something
functional in a day or two. While I appreciate that cleaning up docbook
would be the real way to go it was impractical for me since this has
essentially been a crash-course in learning XSLT and docbook's
stylesheets are somewhat impenetrable. I'm going to complete this
exercise, regardless of the small audience. I'll let you lot decide
afterwards whether it was worthwhile :).

I will also document what elements it handles, which will be a lot
smaller than what even yelp handles. The idea is to support whatever is
currently used in GNOME CVS.

 - Callum

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