ANNOUNCE: gtk-doc-1.1

I have just put together a new release of gtk-doc. It is available from the following locations:

Here is a summary of the changes in this release:

   * Add a gtk-doc.m4 macro that allows packages to provide consistent
     checking for gtk-doc.
   * Check to make sure that the XML catalog actually contains entries
     for the DocBook XML DTD and XSLT stylesheets.  Please consult the
     README file if your system's XML catalog isn't set up.
   * Add infrastructure for including the standard gtk-doc makefile
     glue, so that maintainers of packages don't need to worry about
     keeping it up to date.  See glib head for an example of its use.
   * Some updates to the devhelp contents file generation, as suggested
     by Hallski.
   * Fix some bugs in the DocBook XML codepath that were preventing
     inter-module cross references from being resolved.
   * Fix some bugs in extraction of object property documentation.

If you do get caught by the XML catalog checks in configure, please read the included README file before reporting bugs. It should cover most of your problems.


Email: james daa com au

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