Re: Question on Localization of PDQ

Debashis Panda wrote:

	I am trying to localize the PDQ print system for
languages like Spanish, Japanese, chinese. The problem
I have is that when I substitute the Spanish string
for the english string in the UI program (which uses
GTK), the string disappears from the UI. I tried to
write a small c program and printed this spanish
string out  using printf. It worked fine. So just
wondering why does it not work when I use it with the
GTK functions. Please advice.
This list is for discussion of the GTK+ documentation tools (such as gtk-doc), rather than use of GTK+. Maybe your question would have been more appropriate for gtk-list or gtk-app-devel-list.

In answer to your question, check to see whether the translated text you are passing to gtk is in UTF8 format. If not, then you won't get the desired results.


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