Re: docbook/XSLT patch (take 4)

Am Son, 2002-06-09 um 08.27 schrieb James Henstridge:
> Here is the latest version of my patch.  The only change since the last 
> version is to add support in gtkdoc-mkdb for taking the header section 
> off the main xml file, and putting it at the start of generated files 
> (as discussed on this list earlier).  It uses the argument to the 
> existing --main-sgml-file command line argument to find the main file.
> I also need to add some rules to the configure script to properly check 
> for the various XML support files (check catalog for docbook DTD, 
> stylesheets,  etc).
> Is there any chance of getting this in soon?

I'd like to investigate the two issues I saw when using your last
version on the gtk docs (lost links in object hierarchy and images
scaled to full width), but after that I think this should go in.


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