Re: gtk-doc xml patch (take 3)

On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 02:28:26AM +0200, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Am Son, 2002-06-02 um 08.31 schrieb James Henstridge:
> > I have attached a new version of my patch to get gtkdoc-mkhtml to use 
> > xsltproc when working with XML input.  I ported accross most of the 
> > visual aspects of the gtk-doc.dsl file.  It now does the navigation 
> > headers and footers, and shades the function prototypes and arg 
> > descriptions.
> Ok, I've run a patched gtk-doc over the whole gtk lib stack, and it
> seems to basically work fine - although I wouldn't confirm that xsltproc
> is faster than jade on this task. Maybe we can do some profiling.

It is a known problem that the "chunking" DocBook stylesheets are very
slow when compared to creating a monster document. So, yeah, we need to
test things at some point (I don't remember if you can use the profiling
features from Norm's stylesheets with the chunking stuff as well -- I
remember fooling around with that a few months back, but I seem to have
left it in my other brain).

> One broken thing I noticed is that the included cursor images in the
> gdk manual are absurdly scaled up to be fullwidth. Another one is that
> the big object hierarchy in the gtk manual has lost all links.

> Conversion of the driver docs to use xinclude instead of entities was
> straightforward except for gdk-pixbuf, where we're hurt by the inability
> to define &gdk-pixbuf; and &imlib; for the whole document. I had to
> expand the references in all included docs. One possibility to improve
> this situation would be to copy the internal subset from the main file
> to the generated files.

Pretend I'm stupid. I don't understand this paragraph at all ... can you
elaborate on what the problem is, please.



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