Re: Question on Localization of PDQ

Debashis Panda <emaildpanda yahoo com> writes:

> Hi,
> 	I am trying to localize the PDQ print system for
> languages like Spanish, Japanese, chinese. The problem
> I have is that when I substitute the Spanish string
> for the english string in the UI program (which uses
> GTK), the string disappears from the UI. I tried to
> write a small c program and printed this spanish
> string out  using printf. It worked fine. So just
> wondering why does it not work when I use it with the
> GTK functions. Please advice.  

Probably what this means is that you are running in
the "C" locale, which has ASCII as its character set.
In order to use strings with characters not in ASCII,
you need to use a locale that supports those languages;
for Spanish, that could be en_US, es_ES, en_US.UTF-8,


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