Re: devhelp support patch

tis 2002-08-13 klockan 03.58 skrev James Henstridge:
> Owen Taylor wrote:
> >Well, the .devhelp file generation sounds find to me. I don't
> >understand wanting to move the HTML install location ... I mean,
> >it would make more sense for .devhelp to look in the current
> >standard gtk-doc location than vice-versa.
> >  
> >
> Those were mainly instructions on how to get devhelp to find the 
> documentation and demonstrate that the toc/index file was working.  In 
> future, I would like to see devhelp search for .devhelp files in the 
> same directory as the documentation, and find stuff in 
> $(datadir)/gtk-doc/html as well (I will look at that next).

Sure, we could get Devhelp to look in gtk-doc/html too if that's the
thing. The correct way to do it now though would be to install the
.devhelp in $(datadir)/devhelp/specs and in the .devhelp page set
baseurl to $(datadir)/gtk-doc/html/gtk+ or wherever it's installed.

What happened to the discussions about using ScrollKeeper for
maintaining a list of all documents installed on the system? I can
easily change Devhelp to get the information from there instead of
looking in some directory.

I'm currently working on the book handling in Devhelp2, so inputs are
welcome :)

Another thing I was thinking about is that glib/gtk+/.../ links
internally by using:

<a href="../glib/foo.html">

This way Gtk1 and Gtk2 documents are not paralell installable. It would
be nice if the links could instead be:

<a href="../glib-2.0/foo.html"> 

but I don't know if this is doable?

  Mikael Hallendal

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