Re: Allowing docbook markup in inline docs (2)

"Matthias Clasen" <matthiasc poet de> writes: 
> Even with this patch in place, I would still like to use explicit docbook
> markup for emphasis, filenames, envvars, etc
> in inline comments.

I would also, I think it's essential to getting decent docs. There are
a bunch of currently-slightly-wrong doc entries that suffer from this

It's a bit unclear how it interacts with the automarkup; what did your
patch do here? e.g. if I have:

 foo bar foo() bar #blah blah blah
 blah blah blah

Then I end up with something like:

 <para>foo bar <link>foo</link> bar <link>blah</link> blah blah</para>
 <para>blah blah blah</para>

In SGML mode do we still do all that, and you just have to know to
avoid tricking gtk-doc into creating invalid SGML?

Something other than /*** might be good, maybe /** SGML
BTW, there is a gtk-doc-list gnome org mailing list, which is where
all this probably belongs. 

> PS I would really appreciate if someone with the necessary privileges could
> create a gtk-doc bugzilla category, so
> that I can stick my patches there.

Done, hopefully no one will mind.


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