Re: correction

On 04Sep2001 05:13PM (-0400), Owen Taylor wrote:
> Maciej Stachowiak <mjs noisehavoc org> writes:
> > Looks like you _can_ edit the parameter docs for function pointer
> > typedefs in the .tmpl file. Still, it would be nice to put these docs
> > in-line.
> Have you tried putting them inline? It may well just work (basically,
> gtk-doc just looks for inline doc comments and matches them up
> with things it needs to document. It doesn't care where the inline
> doc comments are.)

Putting them inline in the header did not appear to work. Putting them
in the source file does (as long as you call the function MyTypedef
rather than (*MyTypedef). It might still be nice to be able to put
them in the header based on the "keep the docs with the source"
principle. Thanks!

 - Maciej

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