Re: Limitation in db2html


> Errr, I think you'll _save_ a lot of time by upgrading to the latest
> version of gtk-doc rather than trying to hack around problems that
> we've already fixed.

Thanks for the tip.  Unfortunately I found out that upgrading would
have saved me a lot of time after doing all of the hacking.  I was
sharing some of the hacks with the list, but I did not realize
that db2html was being deprecated until you folks told me today.

At any rate we have a working system for generating the HTML docs
for now with our hacked db2html.  We are definately planning on
upgrading to the latest gtk-doc ASAP, but we have some more
pressing issues so the upgrade will likely have to wait about
a week.

> I've tried to standardize on a set of gtk-doc Makefiles for
> glib/pango/gtk. Since ATK is conceptually part of that group, it will
> be easiest for everybody if it just uses the same makefiles.

Thanks for the tip about pango.  That is useful.  I was using
the Bonobo gtk-doc Makefiles for my template before.  It's good
to know that Pango has the latest & greatest.

> But these Makefiles in fact do require a current version of
> gtk-doc for various reasons.

Again, thanks for the tip...and we'll upgrade ASAP and let you know
how things go.


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