Re: Limitation in db2html

Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron Sun COM> writes:

> gtk-doc experts:
> I am using the db2html script program that is included in the stylesheets
> and I notice that it basically calls jade like this:
>    jade -t sgml -ihtml -d ${DB_STYLESHEET}\#html
> I needed to increase jade's max errors value with the "-E 500" flag because
> my code was generating too many warnings/errors and was causing jade to
> exit.  However in order to do this I had to hack the db2html program
> manually and add it.  It seems that it would be nicer if you could pass
> jade arguments into db2html and it would forward them onto jade.

gtk-doc doesn't use db2html. gtkdoc-mkhtml calls jade directly
mostly because it needs to pass in '-w no-idref'.

The reasonably convenient 'jw' script from docbook-utils allows
passing in a fair range of argument. I don't know if there is
anything corresponding exactly to -E, though the ability to
do the equivalent of -w someerr was recently added.


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