Re: GDK docs updated

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Damon Chaplin <> writes:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just made a big effort to finish off a few pages of the GDK docs.
> > There are only 2 GDK sections not taken now:
> >
> >   Color Contexts
> >   Drag and Drop
> I'll take DND - I think I'm the only person qualified to properly
> say which 10% of that API is public, since it is 90% internals.

OK. Thanks.

> (That is, gdkdnd.c doesn't give you much DND functionality, without
> gtkdnd.c too, and I'd rather consider the interface betweeen the
> two of them a private interface and force people to use gtkdnd.c
> rather than try and document how to write a gtkdnd.c replacement
> on top of gdkdnd.c.)
> I can't guarantee I'll get to this very quickly, so if somebody
> wants to add a note to the extent of "Use GtkDND" into the
> gdkdnd template that might be good.
> Color Contexts are semi-deprecated. If they are in GTK+-1.4,
> tehy will be definitely marked as "don't use". There are
> better alternative ways of achieveing what GdkCC was meant
> to do. If somebody documents GdkCC, they should definitely
> say something to that effect.

I'll add a note to the DnD and GdkCC sections.


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