Re: GDK docs updated

Damon Chaplin <> writes:

> Hi,
> I just made a big effort to finish off a few pages of the GDK docs.
> There are only 2 GDK sections not taken now:
>   Color Contexts
>   Drag and Drop

I'll take DND - I think I'm the only person qualified to properly
say which 10% of that API is public, since it is 90% internals.

(That is, gdkdnd.c doesn't give you much DND functionality, without
gtkdnd.c too, and I'd rather consider the interface betweeen the
two of them a private interface and force people to use gtkdnd.c
rather than try and document how to write a gtkdnd.c replacement
on top of gdkdnd.c.)

I can't guarantee I'll get to this very quickly, so if somebody
wants to add a note to the extent of "Use GtkDND" into the
gdkdnd template that might be good.

Color Contexts are semi-deprecated. If they are in GTK+-1.4,
tehy will be definitely marked as "don't use". There are
better alternative ways of achieveing what GdkCC was meant
to do. If somebody documents GdkCC, they should definitely 
say something to that effect.


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