Re: enumerations, and cvs

Lee Mallabone wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed that all the .tmpl files in gtk-reference-1.1.3 have the
> enumerated types' elements listed in the text, with space to add
> documentation.
> However, even with something like:
> @GTK_EXPAND: Changes a gtk widget's expansion properties.
> that line never actually generates any HTML, and so that part of the
> documentation is never seen when browsing. Is this a bug with the doc
> system, or just my system?
> This is with gtk-doc 0.3.

I think the struct/enum stuff was added after 0.3. (I'm using CVS gtk-doc and
it works OK.) I need to make a new release of gtk-doc.

> Also, should I be using CVS to keep my copy of the docs in sync yet? I
> noticed there was a module on gnome cvs with the ref docs on, and that there
> was talk a while ago about using CVS, but I've not heard anything about it
> since...

The GTK+ & GLib docs are in Gnome's CVS in the gtk-reference and glib-reference
modules, so you can update them there if you have CVS access.

Owen also set up a cron job to build the HTML docs daily. The docs currently
get placed on though they will be copied or linked on soon.


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