Re: Problems with gio_drive and gio_volume

On Sun, 2018-05-06 at 12:22 +0200, rastersoft wrote:
Hi all:

I've been using GIO's Drive and Volume to detect the available
disks in an app (cronopete) and it worked fine for me; but some
referred troubles: some of them says their USB disks aren't
Also, I found that you can't retrieve information about the SATA
disks, no matter if they are connected through eSATA.

Is there a way of detecting ALL hard disks in the system and ALL
volumes inside with Drive.get_volumes(), no matter if they are
internal, removable or fixed? Or I must rely on udisks2 for that?

File a bug:

and include a pointer to the specific GDrive/GVolume calls you’re
making, and as much information as you can from the people whose drives
aren’t showing up, including the output of `gio mount -li`.


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