Implementing accessibility non-regression check tool


In the context of LibreOffice, the Hypra company will work on an
accessibility non-regression check tool.

Basically, the idea is to design a tool which will check .ui files for
accessibility issues: missing relations between widgets and labels,
notably. The tool would just use lxml to parse the files and emit
warnings for the found issues.

Such a tool could be called by application build system so that
developers get the warnings along other compiler warnings, and treated
the same way. It could also be used in Continuous Integration reports.

Of course, there are a lot of existing issues in applications, so
we plan to add support for suppression rules, so that when the
tool invocation is integrated, one can integrate an initial set of
suppression rules which allows to start with a zero-warning state,
and then for a start developers will try to stay without warning, and
progressively fix existing issues and their corresponding suppression

One of the remaining questions we have (it's not blocking for our
immediate development, though) is whether this tool should be integrated
within LibreOffice, or within gtk. The latter would both allow more
widespread use of the tool by other projects, and make the maintenance
happen there, thus less work for LibreOffice :)

We would like to provide it with a licence which is as permissive as
possible, so that projects can easily integrate it, so would it be
possible to keep it BSD-licenced inside gtk? Otherwise we'll probably
open e.g. a github project just for hosting a BSD version, from which
we will push updates to gtk and libreoffice (and any other project for
which LGPL is problematic).

I have attached our current version. It's not really finished or
anything, it's just for showing what it could look like eventually.


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