Re: Question about popovers

On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 3:31 PM, Tomasz Gąsior <mail tomaszgasior kao pl> wrote:
I want to ask question about GtkPopover. GTK3 documentation says "GtkPopover is a bubble-like context window  [...]" but popover is not a real window but it is a floating widget inside other window. From perspective of window managers and compositors popovers don't exist.

Appearance of popover is similar to window but it is not window — this causes inconsistences in animations. Window animation is defined by WM and compositor, popover animation — in GTK theme.

There are also problems with big popovers in small windows. See example: Mousepad GTK3, "Find and replace" dialog.
and then:

Why did you — my question is directed to GNOME devs — chosen this way of implementation of this feature? Why popovers are not normal windows (with disabled server side decoration and with client side shadow)? I don't want to criticize your decision, probably you are more experienced, just I want to understand.

Firefox uses in some parts of its UI widgets with appearance similar to GTK popovers. Fx devs implemented it as real window. See

It was hard to do this in GTK+ 3. We are looking at doing this for GTK+ 4.

I have also second question. Why GNOME uses popovers instead normal menus for menus purposes?

Because it provides a different user experience, somewhere between menus and dialogs.

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