Re: GnomeDesktopThumbnail API replacement

On Tue, 2018-01-30 at 14:45 +0000, Debarshi Ray wrote:
On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 02:06:01PM +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:
On Tue, 2018-01-30 at 11:06 +0000, Debarshi Ray wrote:
Also, it's not primarily about the location of the cache but the
thumbnailer. To me, the real value in using the generic
is not having to worry about all kinds of weird MIME type
sketchy files, and the various problems that arise from those

What files are you interested in thumbnailing that your application
doesn't support?

It's not about thumbnailing MIME types that the application doesn't
support, no.  Sorry, I could have been clearer.

It's about dealing with sandboxing the thumbnailer, dealing with
crashes and broken output arising out of weird files, etc..  Some of
these are potentially fixable at the codec level, which is why I
mentioned that standardizing around a smaller set of codec
implementations will also be a win, even if the thumbnailing layer on
top is different.

(An example of a weird file would be a panorama generated by a

OK. This would however just protect you until the point you open the
image in question, unless you consider the thumbnailer's response to be
authoritative. Much like the existing sandboxing of thumbnailers won't
protect eog or evince itself, just the associated thumbnailers.

But we could make some internal changes to that API to allow you to
pass associated metadata, maybe, so you could do something like:
- tell the thumbnail API to only consider this private thumbnailer you
have, and no other
- find a way to pass 2 files, or maybe one file and a serialised
string/metadata to the thumbnailer which would do its job.

There's currently no way to do the 2nd part, but I'll try to see
whether we can make the API extensible at least, so writing something
like that is possible.

One could imagine asking the generic thumbnailer to thumbnail the
original file, and then have the application run the edits on top
it. However, that won't work if the image was cropped because
have to crop the original thumbnail and then proceed, which will
affect the resolution of the final thumbnail. If I am not
mistaken, I
coded Photos' thumbnailer to load the image at a lower resolution
it wasn't cropped, else it loads at full scale and downscales

At this point, you could very well apply the edits and thumbnail
internally, as the app would know which one of the photos have
attached to them.

Umm... I didn't understand whether you meant that as an alternative
as something to complement the existing setup.

I'd like to do what you mentioned above to complement the existing
setup.  Say you started with an empty cache or you added a new online
account or whatever, and now you have a large number of items queued
up for thumbnailing.  Meanwhile, if you open an unthumbnailed item at
full resolution, then it should be possible to jump the queue and
create a thumbnail from the hi-res.  It's just nice to do that for so
many reasons.  Also, if you have a provider that doesn't offer
server-generated thumbnails, then this can serve as a workaround.

This is regardless of which thumbnailing API is being used.  For
example, you can do this for Documents too, which uses the generic
stuff; and for viewers/players and Files.  Although, it would be
hindered by every Flatpak having its own thumbnail cache.  Do/will
they have a shared cache?  Or not?

In Flatpak, no, it's expected that each app has its own cache.

(One thing that I didn't mention so far is that Photos also has
thumbnailers.  They grab server-side generated thumbnails for online
content which sometimes requires credentials for the GOA account.
Currently these are in-process and are a glorified g_file_copy over

The thumbnailing processes are sandboxed with no network access right
now. I don't think that's something we want to change, but it just
makes it a 2-step process.

Last but not the least, I find it important to version the
to tide over bugs in the thumbnailer.

You don't need the whole cache to be versioned. Thumbnailers
add metadata to the thumbnails if they want, and doing:
gdk_pixbuf_save(pixbuf, "/path/to/thumbnail", "png", &error,
                "tEXt::Thumb::Software::Version", "1.0", NULL);
is do-able from within the thumbnailer, and that extra metadata
would be kept.

Yes, that's right. It will be good if the generic thumbnailers
version their output like that. Maybe it should be added to the

I'll add a "FORCE" flag to the API. As you'd control both the
thumbnailer and how it's called, you could do thumbnail the file,
if the version in the GdkPixbuf is too old, re-run the thumbnailing
with the "FORCE" flag to force the thumbnail to be re-created.

I am confused.  Are you talking about a "FORCE" flag in the generic
thumbnail API or the custom one-off thing in Photos?

In the thumbnail API. That's what we're discussing here, right? :)

I've already extended the API quite a bit[1], next I'll try to see
where the new code should live.


[1]: This is the latest attempt, just the sync version:
- whether to monitor .thumbnailer directories
- char ** directories to monitor
- timeout in seconds
- whether to cap memory usage
- GnomeDesktopThumbnailSize size
- number of threads in the thread pool

typedef enum {
    GNOME_DESKTOP_THUMBNAIL_FLAGS_SAVE,  // Whether to save the created (successful or failed) thumbnail to 
the cache
    GNOME_DESKTOP_THUMBNAIL_FLAGS_FORCE  // Whether to ignore existing thumbnails and try creating a new one
} GnomeDesktopThumbnailFlag;

        G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_THUMBNAIL_PATH ","                     \
        G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_THUMBNAILING_FAILED ","                \
        G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_THUMBNAIL_IS_VALID ","                 \
        G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_PREVIEW_ICON ","                       \
        G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TIME_MODIFIED ","                      \

GdkPixbuf *
gnome_desktop_thumbnail_generate_thumbnail_sync (GnomeDesktopThumbnailFactory  *factory,
                                                 GFile                         *file,       // instead of a 
                                                 GFileInfo                     *info,       // NULL means 
we'll look it up if necessary, otherwise must include GNOME_DESKTOP_THUMBNAIL_FILE_ATTRIBUTES, 
G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_STANDARD_CONTENT_TYPE will however be used rather than 
                                                 GnomeDesktopThumbnailFlags     flag,
                                                 char                         **ret_thumbnail_path,
                                                 GCancellable                  *cancellable,
                                                 GError                       **error);

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